Marc and I have been married for almost 20 years.  Caroline and Marcus are twins and have lived on the road since they were seven.  I was a teacher and continue to teach my own children.  Marc worked in the corporate world, but is now self employed and works on line.

Little did we realize when we began this adventure that it would turn into a lifestyle.  We decided to travel to learn and experience life with our children, as we discovered the amazing fifty state that God has blessed us with.  It took us eighteen months to tour all fifty state Capitols, which was our goal.  Our blog unpredictableperrys tells about our decision to travel and how it all began.  It tells about the first three and a half years of our journey.  We are moving forward now to some uncharted ground.  Our children will have some new independence.  They will be taking on more ownership of their schooling and be doing some volunteering.  After all isn’t that the goal of parents to help their children thrive on their own.

The above photo is a new rendition of one on our original blog ‘about.’  It reminds me the more things change, the more they stay the same.  We began to travel to spend more time with our children without the constraints of a house and the business we feel we need when we are fixed to one place.  That is why we continue to live nomadicly.   We have visited family and friends across the nation and met new life time friends along the way.  God shows us every day in the little things that this is the life we were meant to live.


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  1. Hello! My name is Kristin, I was hoping to contact you via email but I was not able to find one on your blog(s). I have been looking around the web and doing research for some time on doing just what your family is doing, and I was drawn to your story in particular because we also have boy/girl twins (they are almost 10). We currently live in Italy for my husbands job, and have lived in several states previous and have logged lots of road trip and travel miles. We have been making an effort to downsize over the last few years and are very much drawn to the nomad lifestyle. Lately we have been seriously looking into purchasing an RV and starting the adventure in ernest, though I have some reservations about the lifestyle change of the kids and was hoping to get some first hand information and insight. Thanks for putting your story out there!


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