October 2017 in Pennsylvania

After being in Pennsylvania for  a month, we have gotten on the road again, headed down south to follow the warm weather. But I do believe I left you after Canada, right? It didn’t take long to get from Canada to Pennsylvania, because we only made a few Wal-mart overnight stops. One night, or I guess two, we spent in a campground to see the Henry Ford museum. There we also had issues with the bus. I couldn’t tell you exactly what went wrong, but we were delayed from going into Pittsburgh. We ended up spend the whole day in 90 degree weather and Dad spent all of the time underneath the bus. We only got to the nearest Wal-mart, where we spent the night, and headed on to Pittsburgh early the next morning. That day was spent with Aunt Kelly, mom’s friend,  hanging out. The next morning, we chilled in the Wal-mart parking lot and before noon went on to Gettysburg, PA, near our family.

After ten days at the campground, we spent a month parked across the street from Grandma Carol’s house. We spent time with Grammy Carol and Grammy Red.  Now we are with Sams and Windy, family friends, parked next to their house.

The bus, on the whole, stood up to the journey okay. We had some problems, and fingers crossed we won’t have to fix anything major before Florida. Our plans are to stay in a Thousand Trail campground near Winston-Salem, North Carolina for 3 weeks, to maybe visit friend and to definitely spend time with our Uncle Bill and Aunt Krysta, who live down there.

Thanks for reading

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