Cousins and Baseball

Baseball games are one thing Marcus and I haven’t been to a lot. We’ve been to a little league game, but about 6 years ago. So when our cousin invited us to spend the day at a Padres (for those who don’t know, Padres is the San Diego team) game, we readily accepted.

On Sunday we woke up and drove the 2 hours to the stadium. We walked around for a while, then met our cousins outside. We squished into the stadium with the crowd, then took our seats. We were in the top of the stadium, so we could see the whole field from our seats.

They started the game without any delay, and we watched. Okay, maybe we didn’t just stare at the field. Mom and her cousin talked about things, and the rest of us chatted. Surprisingly, the stadium wasn’t that full maybe because it was a bit cloudy that day, but it was a perfect temp.

Mom and I posted a selfie and were on the screen, and to me that was one of the highlights of the game.  Our cousins made some awesome rice krispie treats too.

There were only 2 injuries, as one guy ran into the barrier between the stadium and the field. The second guy flipped over the barrier into the seats. Both caught the ball, and were only a little hurt.

The game was over in a few hours, Padres-1 to Colorado Rockies-3. Oh, well.
It was fun to see a baseball game and cousins. Maybe next time the Padres will win!


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