Wow Two Weeks Flew By

Cali wrote this post a couple weeks ago……..

At the moment we are sitting at the airport, waiting for the plane. But, I must finish telling my recounting my story.
In exchange for going on the last sales pitch, we got free tickets for Tulum, Mexico. The tour was smaller this time, only 12 of us in a small van. It was tight, but we were okay. Our first stop was a jewelry factory, then a tequilla shop. We had 45 minutes in the first one, and 30 minutes in the second one. That was way more time than needed, but some things got confused and we left quite late. I slept on the next leg of the trip, wanting to get to Tulum even more. The van pulled up to the curb and we all got off. I was a long walk to the ruins in the buggy, humid, sweaty, weather. It was so incredibly hot, I don’t think I can describe it. We walked around the ruins. The bugs were biting me like crazy. I already had lots on my legs from the ants at the beach. Funny thing is no one else had gotten any previously. Except me, of course. They bit and bit and shortly I was scratching everywhere. Grammy and I sat down in the shade while Marcus and Mum and Dad looked around some more. When they showed up again, they were excited. They had seen a coati and had photos of it eating. Back in town, we went to Subway, because the trip had given us free lunch there. It wasn’t a nice Subway, not even clean, but we were hungry and the place was air-conditioned. We ate then went back to the van. Homeward!!!!!
The next days until this time we hung around the resorts. One day we went paddleboarding, and sailing the next. Yesterday, the last day we spent in Cancun, Mexico, we took the bus up to one of the sister resorts and snorkeled, paddleboarded, and swam in the ocean. We had a buffet breakfast. Our plane is boarding shortly, and we need to gather all our bags. Goodbye, Mexico. But we will be back.


One Reply to “Wow Two Weeks Flew By”

  1. Hi Cali, This description of your adventures in Cancun had me laughing! Your hot, humid, sweaty, bug bite description brought back my own memories of taking my son there many years ago. In spite of it all, I’m glad you and your family had a good time. BTW, it was nice going on the scorpion hunt together. I miss you all and hope you return in the fall. And, I did get your postcard! It was a very pleasant surprise. Have a great summer! Your friend, Karen


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