Cancun Part 2

So the next part of our trip starts.. ..with another sales pitch. At least this one was quite a bit more relaxed and Marc and I didn’t have to listen to half of it  because Grammy was there.  We  left with her after breakfast. We had packed our swimsuits and swam in the ocean.  It was a woman presenter this time trying to sell us on the timeshare. I liked it much better because I spoke sewing and fashion with the Australian presenter. She had gone to collage for fashion, I was glad to talk with her about it. We spent the whole day on the beach and in the pool. Marc and I even got our pictures taken with a toucan. When we arrived back at the hotel we discovered that we had burnt our faces. The next day was spent inside. We didn’t even get in the pool!
Today rain was predicted, and sure enough it rained. But we swam in the ocean despite that, after church. I just finished my shower. Everyone is enjoying the cooler weather brought by the rain and we are sitting on our balcony, looking at the ocean. Beautiful.


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