The Great Trip

April 13th
Our plan to take a trip with some close friends of ours was formed several months ago, but we just left Phoenix this morning. The parents formulated a plan to take a 5 day Easter vacation up to Kanab, Utah, to visit Bryce and Zion National Park, and had a great time. We are going with out great friends, the O’Donnells. They are a family of 4 like us, Mike, Joy, Norah and Coleman. As none of our cars are big enough to acc0mmodate all of us, we rented a large 12 passenger van for the days we are up there. Dad and Mike are in the front, taking turns driving. Mom and Joy are next back, reading and catching up on work. Norah and I are in the middle, she is sleeping as I type this. Coleman and Marcus are in the back, playing video games. I believe when we arrive we will swim in the indoor pool, then go to dinner.

April 16th
Our first two days here in Kanab were very full and I didn’t have time to document them, so I will now. First, Happy Easter!! As Kanab is a small town, and there wasn’t a church we wanted to go to, so we watched Real Life Church in California on the computer at some friends recommendation.
On the 14th we visited Zion National Park. The O’Donnell were in awe of the beautiful park. If you’ve been, you’ll know what I’m talking about. We walked around 7 miles, hiked to multiple waterfalls, saw the whole park by bus, and admired the views. The next day was designated for Bryce Canyon National Park. Mom had always wanted to revisit the park, and this was the perfect chance. We hiked the canyon, then had a picnic, and drove around the park, stopping at multiple scenic pull-offs. The photos I took can’t exactly capture the redness of the rocks, but they are very close. It is one of the most shocking and inspiring park I have ever been to (and I have been to over a hundred).
Zion used to be my favorite park, but now I am not sure. I think I liked it because both times we have been before we hiked the Narrows. The Narrow are a slot canyon and the bottom in covered by water, so its like hiking in a river. The water is was always Carribean Blue when we hike it, but this time all the water water was dark brown and flowing fast. It was also cold, another reason not to hike it. We ended up hiking to the Emerald  Pools-
Up above I had to cut my story short, because the Easter Bunny called. Really, he did. The front desk called up to say that Marcus and I had a letter down stairs. They also called Nora and Coleman. We met in the lobby and read our notes. It told us to hop to the park. When we arrived, the field was covered in colorful eggs. Our parents said “Three, two, one!”
We all ran, bending over to pick them up. I think Nora or I won. I’m not sure. After eating cany, we played a game of kickball, parents v.s. kids. At first the parents were 3 points higher, but then Coleman kicked and got us all home. We won by 2 points, 7 to 9. Then we walked next door to the playground. We went to lunch at Escobars, a Mexican place. It was our second time, we went first on the 13th, after the long trip.
Now I am sitting in the hotel room. Marcus and Coleman are downstairs, playing on the computer. I will probably talk more on the trip home tomorrow. Until then.

April 17th
We just started our trip back to Phoenix and home. On the way back we are stopping to hike a slot canyon. By the time we get back home, we’ll have hiked just under 17 miles during our vacation. Quite a busy vacation if you ask me.
The hotel we stayed at was a great hotel. Within walking distance of all the restaurant, and the park, it gave us more chances to walk everywhere. It had an indoor pool and breakfast. Muffins, waffles, yogurt, coffee. We just ate, so it is fresh in my mind.
I may write more later on in our trip. Bye…
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. The slot canyon were a vibrant red color, and we saw lots of petroglyphs. We went out an awful dirt road, but it was worth it. It we hadn’t we would of had to walk 4 or 5 miles. Mum had always wanted to see them, and she was so happy to see it. It is in her top 10 best places we have visited. We are headed home, and we should be home around 5 or 6 o’clock.

April 18th
We got home around 8 o’clock last night. We had a great time! It was our first trip like that, so that made it even more exciting. Can’t wait for the next one. 🙂



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