Our New Home

It’s a funny thing, being able to see from one end of your house to the other. In our old Cypress camper there were doors, walls in your way. And in most houses it the same. You only see one room at a time. In the new (old) Newell (that we happened to name Nigel) it’s like all four of us are living in one big room. Sure, if you want to have privacy, you can open up a door and block the passage way, but you can still hear the conversation your brother and mother are having at the kitchen table. Marcus and my bunk beds are pretty much in the kitchen. You turn the water pump with a switch over my 30 inch wide berth. Sometimes I knock it in my sleep and you can hear it starting. Then someone (Dad) has to come and shut it off so we can get some sleep. I can open the refrigerator door while laying down. Handy for midnight snacks, but not really ideal in a bedroom, if you can call my small area a bedroom.
The day my parents saw the Newell, they knew it was to be our forever camper. It was love at first sight. After getting the beast home, there was a lot of work to be done. At times it was regretted, their purchase, but we pulled through together. You can read all about the work on other posts, so I won’t explain all of that. Months of work finally paid off during our first test drive. Mom, as some of you know, was extremely excited. Marcus and I weren’t so much. Don’t get me wrong, we love our new home, but just a drive in a 33 year old bus just wasn’t going to get us excited. It was a short drive, but our next one was even shorter, only about a mile, moving campsites.
Some of you know we were car-less for a few days. We had a rental car after we sold both truck and car to loving new owners. It took 2 days, 12 car dealerships, and 6 private owners along with 13 hours of car shopping to find the silver PT Cruiser we now own. After some worrying about the Service Engine Soon light that came on the day after we bought it, we straighted things out (we hope).
After a little bit of worrying, much work and lots of excitement, everything has been going smooth (so far). We love our new home (so far) and I hope we will be able to travel soon.


6 Replies to “Our New Home”

  1. Good post, Cali!! It could be very convenient to sleep in the kitchen! I have a book that the title is “If You Want Breakfast in Bed, Sleep in the Kitchen”! Maybe I should send that to you! It will be good that you can all be together in one vehicle when you travel. Love you, Aunt Jeanne


  2. Thanks for sharing, Cali. And thanks also for the tour you gave me of Nigel. It sure looks empty in the Horse Staging area without your home there.


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