Arizona from Above

Amy and Paul from Mountain Flying Service spent there winter down here in Arizona, staying in the park campground. As they came in and out of the park, Mom and Dad became good friends with them. Dad, in his earlier years, was aspiring to be a hobby pilot, so he was very interested when Paul said he was redoing the engine in his 1950’s Dehavilland Beaver. After the engine was complete, Paul asked if our family would like to accompany him on a flight. I believe Mom was a little nervous about going up in a smaller plane, but she soon got over it. Paul really cares for his plane. Everything was in tip-top condition.
Once in the air you could really see how sprawling the Mesa/Phoenix area is. IT IS HUGE. Bigger than you can imagine. We cruised over Usery Mountain Regional Park and into the Goldfield Mountains, then glimpsed the Superstition Mountains and Weavers Needle. After being in the air for 45 minutes we headed back down to the small airport. Dad and Marc looked around the plane while Mom and I talked to Paul. After a while we said our deep thanks and headed home.
If you are ever in Haines, Alaska or Skagway, Alaska, I very much recommend taking a flight with Mountain Flying Service.


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