The Newell Week 6

Well the Newell is looking more like a home and less like a construction site.  With the floors completed, we made a trip to IKEA to look at some ideas for Cali and Marcus’ bunks.  When we lived in our sticks and bricks we bought a twin bed from IKEA and Marc made a matching one.  He knew he could make the bunks, but with few tools, I thought we should just buy them and he could modify them to fit.  After a couple hours at IKEA we left with a set of bunks.  They were 6 inches too wide, 1 3/4 inches to long and 10 inches too tall.  So….every board needed to be cut.


Marc worked on the shower/bath tub.  He cut new plywood to put into the void where the rotted wood was removed.  We then shopped for waterproof wall covering and molding to install in the shower.  He  had to replace the drain pipe.  He and Marcus went to Lowes or Home Depot four days in a row.  We got a little silly after so many trips.  But the shower looks great and is waterproof.  Cali is all set to take a bath which she completely deserves.  She has spent hours this week sorting everything in our house.  She and Marcus helped move load after load of clothes, books and kitchen items.  We had a car load of donations which we took to a local orphanage that has a thrift store.

We  had a busy week at the park.  We did a very difficult hike with our friends from the park.  Marcus and Cali helped with a homeschool program and we all helped with the final progressive hike.

We also wanted to let our friends and family know we had to say goodbye to our sweet dog Cloe.  She was 17 1/2 years old and had been to 48 states.  We really miss her, but know she lived an amazing life.


6 Replies to “The Newell Week 6”

  1. So sorry about Cloe I’m all teary just telling Art. She will be missed. I know the Newell is looking awesome, I can’t wait to see it in person. It’s hard to imagine you downsizing from the 5th wheel. Hi to everyone and thanks for the Valentine’s, Windy and Art


  2. Happy to hear of your progress. Hadn’t heard how you were doing and was concerned. Doing good work takes time. You are all doing it together. Congratulations on your progress.
    Unfortunately we will miss you this year. In Yuma now.
    Hoping that you will be coming to Canada. Let us know, miss you, Y


  3. Looks great! Amazing how everything is falling into place. Just 2 weeks & 2 days and we’ll be there to see it in person. Of course, we are more anxious to see the 4 of you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  4. So sorry to hear about Chloe…I remember when you got her. The new home will surely look fabulous when it is finished. Thanks for the updates. Be safe and enjoy.


  5. I can’t wait to see you guys and the new rig. It looks amazing! I’m sorry to hear about Chloe. She had a great run and gave and received lots of love. May you be comforted by great memories <3. Give the kiddos a big kiss from me.


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