The Newell- Weeks 4 and 5

The last two weeks have flown by for us.  We have been busy volunteering and hiking….and working on the Newell.  Marc finished cutting out all of the rotted floor which seemed to take forever.  Marcus and Cali helped treat the metal floor underneath with rustoleum paint.

Then Marc put down plywood sub floor where he had removed the rotted floor.  Finally it was time to start installing the cork flooring we had chosen. There was a lot of cutting because it is such a small space.  He worked after dark for more than a few nights.

Things really looked worse before they got better.  Marc has worked on the floor for parts of the last eight days.  He took out the toilet and in the bathroom cupboard we found a rebuild kit that was probably 10 years old, but it had everything he needed to fix it.  We took a trip to a RV salvage yard.  There were motors, burned RVs and not much salvageable from the last 20 years.  We were looking for new captains chairs, but it was a bust (and very dirty.)

We also had some fun these past two weeks.  We saw our friend Jonah kill it as Sebastian in the Little Mermaid.  We had a great hike with our friend Pat. And we all were treated to an amazing flight over the Superstition Mountain courtesy of a fellow camper who is also a pilot.

And….the floor is finally done.  Yes it is Saturday night and I have to be up at 5AM to be at work, but I wanted to share with you the finished product.  All of Marc’s hard work has paid off.  We are far from done, but God is good and it looks like we are making some progress (after only seven trips to the home store in the last two weeks.)  Thanks for following our journey to a new home.


2 Replies to “The Newell- Weeks 4 and 5”

  1. We average 1 trip to lowes per day of work on the little house you average half our trips. Sure wish you were closer Mark is an awesome carpenter. We are at the paint stage at the house and it looks like Calli and Marcus could be great helpers. Love seeing your progress the floor looks great.


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