The Newell -Week 3

Well the progress on the Newell is moving along….slowly.  We would love to say we have it all ready to move in, but we don’t.  We seem to have three main leaks.  The first is in the room which houses the shower.

After years of leaking the wall has some pretty severe damage.  Marc and Marcus took the window out and sealed it.  I ripped off the fux marble. Marc then took out the tub and cut out all of the rotted wood.  There is still a small leak, but we are gaining on it.

In the toilet/sink room Marc completely removed the vanity and the flooring.  Marc thinks it may be the body molding. We took out the bed and moved all of the stuff to front of the bus so we could continue working in the back bedroom.  All of the damaged floor is now removed.

On a positive note this week we reinstalled the rail for the awning.  The kids took off the old fabric from the dinette which we are planning to use for the base of their bunks.  There was a beautiful double rainbow over our site one day this week.

When we weren’t busy working on the Newell we attended a birding program here at the park and got up close and personal with Elvis the snake.

Cali worked on some sewing and made a new jacket and Marcus found us a great new burger joint.  We were so glad to see our friends Mel and Tim from Pennsylvania too.


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