Renovating the Newell- Week 1 and 2

Well week one and two of working on the Newell is in the books.  Let me tell you it is not all sunshine and roses.  In fact it is pretty much the opposite.  More than once Marc has said, “I don’t think we knew what we were in for.”  But God is good and we will give it our best.

We started ripping up the carpeting in the bedroom.  We knew there was damage to the floors under the carpet.

We, well Marc, could replace the rotted wood, but we needed to find the cause and stop it.  First we thought it was this furnace vent that was leaking but after Marc resealed it with butyl tape water was still coming in.  The next culprit was the large awning.  After some inspection we found some holes near the awning support in the back.

Under the avocado carpet we found more rot in the front of the bus.  We suspected the passenger window with the blue tape on it.  Marc and Marcus took the window out.  They cleaned it and put it back in with butyl tape and new screws.

Again that wasn’t really the problem.  I’m glad we have a nice water tight window. ( We are planning to reseal all the windows in time) But that wasn’t where the leak was coming from.  Again it was the awning support.  This time the front one. So we need to get the awning off so Marc can fix the problem.  Easy right?  Well the awning, roller and supports are very heavy.  We first unbolted on of the supports and untwisted it 20 times to release the tension.  Then we used ladders and hoisted the awning and the roller up on the roof so Marc could remove all the supports.  Next we lowered it back down on to the ladders and had the kids help us remove the roller, which is the heavy component.  After that Marc unscrewed the 45 screw holding the awning to the Newell.  We thought it would come right down.  Well no such luck.  Some of the seal showed wear and was week, but some of the seal was stuck on tight.  We used a putting knife and took turns releasing it.  Finally after two afternoons of work it was down.

Finally we removed the driver seat and the dinette.  The kids took out bolts, staples and screws.  Marc removed the rotted floor in the front.  We have made many trips to Home Depot and Lowes.  We aren’t rushing.  We still know we need family time and need to volunteer here in the park.  So things will be chugging along at a snail’s pace.  We did order cork flooring.  Thanks for checking in on our progress. Can’t wait to see what the next week brings.


2 Replies to “Renovating the Newell- Week 1 and 2”

  1. Labor of love! Marc needed a project! Take you back to the s&b in Jersey. I can enjoy your progess from here that awning looks heavy from here. Good luck!


  2. It is hard work but will be worth it. You guys, the four of you can do it. You have already done a lot. This way, you really get to know the unit.
    We are doing our planning and will be in Picachio Peak about Feb 10. Will have to figure out a meeting.
    Last night we went down to 24 degrees on the Gulf Coast in Alabama. Now starting to warm up. The power also went out at midnight and mighty cold, but came back on at 130am.
    Keep going. Keep taking pictures. And oh yea, hi to you all, Y


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