A Tour of Our 1983 Newell

After we exchanged money and title with the owner of the Newell at the bank, we spent some time checking it over.  Marcus and Cali love the door bell and the intercom.  There is a “phone”  next to the drivers seat, in the bathroom and next to the bed.  The kids loved calling each other.

The coach and the two swivel chairs are in very good condition, as are most of the curtains.  The table between the chairs extends over to the coach when the leaf is inserted.  We will probably get a couple more chairs to use when we eat and play games.

There is quite a bit of storage in the kitchen.  The convection/microwave oven works as does the electric cook top.  It also has a built in ice maker.  Not sure if we will keep that.  It is pretty neat, but takes up a lot of space.  The is a door that closes over the stairs so there is more floor space.  The is also storage under the stairs.  I am sure we will use it for shoes.  The booth dinette we will be turning into bunks for Cali and Marcus.  Right now they have bunks with the mattresses from their stick and brick beds.  The bunks made where the dinette is will be about that same size.

Half of the bathroom is on each side of the hall way.  On one side there is a tub.  It is about eight inches deep.  Cali is excited to have a tub. It is in pretty good shape so we are planning to just seal it and keep it for know.  On the other side of the hall is a room with the sink and the toilet.  The doors of these two rooms can be locked opened making a full bathroom with privacy.

In the back of the bus is a very large closet.  Large enough for a washer/dryer.  We aren’t sure if we will be putting one in, but it’s nice to have the option to.  There is a queen size bed and a small make up mirror.  There is hanging storage on each side of the bed.  The televisions are very old.  I am sure we will be upgrading them.  In the next blog we will share with you what we found when we ripped out all the carpeting.


4 Replies to “A Tour of Our 1983 Newell”

  1. Congratulations. I know that you would of really looked it over. How many feet? Another project to keep you all busy. Enjoy, Y


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