Happy New Year

This year we enjoyed spending time with family, having fun with old friends and meeting new ones.  There have been many people who have inspired us to grow…… as a family, as Christians, and as contributing members of this crazy human race.  After five years of learning to trust that God will lead us where we should go, even if it’s not always where we had planned, we know uncertainty is certain.

We have been discussing moving from land travel to an adventure on the water.  This is definitely still something we hope to do in the next year, but in the meantime we have a new project.

We are spending our winter in one of our favorite places, Arizona.  The weather and the people here make this place truly special to us.  Volunteering here is an amazing experience for all of us.

We have been talking about doing a house flip with our kids so they could learn about construction and how things may be more challenging than expected.  We have also been discussing getting a different camper so we could all ride together while we search for the perfect boat.  If you want to know how these desires came together, keep reading.

Marc and I have been taking an afternoon a week to look at class A RV’s.  We didn’t want to spend a lot, because we do plan on buying a boat in the next year, but we did want something we could all feel comfortable in.  We were looking at stuff that was pretty old and dated but felt we could make it work.

Well about two weeks ago Marc’s brother sent us a listing for a 1983 Newell bus.  As soon as Cali and I saw it we knew we should at least go look at it.  Marc called and set up an appointment for 10 am the next day.  Marcus and Cali were volunteering at a program, so it was just Marc and I.  I was praying I would know if this was the right choice for us.  As we drove the 45 miles across the valley it was raining. It’s hard to see in this picture, but a rainbow appeared.

It stopped raining by the time we arrived at the storage lot where the Newell was stored.  We met with the seller and Marc did a pretty thorough exam of the bus.  Was it in great condition?  Could we make it work for us?  Well…..it was in good condition for a 33-year-old RV.  But Marc did find some water damage.  The generator didn’t currently work.  We didn’t think the refrigerator worked. The carpet would have to go. The tires probably need to be replaced. We really do love our current camper and truck.  What should we do?

While Marc was doing his examination.  I looked around in all the compartments.  There we lots of old maps, but no real info about the Newell.  I opened the compartment on the dash,  there was a single receipt in it along with some random screws and sunglasses.  I picked up the small slip of paper and read the words…Usery Mountain Regional Park.  My heart started to beat faster.  What … a receipt from ten years ago, from a park 45 miles away, from a park we have returned to for the 5th year in a row, the park we love.  I summon Marc to come take a look.  He smiled and asked what I thought?  I loved the retro feel.  This bus was our style.

The seller was eager to know what we thought.  He had purchased the Newell from the original owner, but I don’t think he ever used it.  Marc showed him his major concern which was the water damage.  Marc offered $5500 less than where it was listed.  The seller came back with a counter offer. Marc and I had decided on the way there what we really wanted to pay, so he threw out that number. The seller accepted.  We gave him $500 and they filled out a bill of sale Marc had printed out that morning.  As we drove back to the park neither of us were sure if we had just thrown away $500 or if the guy would meet us in a few days to sign over the title.

Well he did meet us and we are excited to give you a tour in the new year.  Happy 2017!





One Reply to “Happy New Year”

  1. Congratulations. Looks nice. I know it was a big decision but you know.
    We are in Tampa now, leaving tomorrow westward to St. joes Island.
    Hopefully we will meet up again this season.
    All the best to you all. Yvonne and Steve


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