Guadalupe Mountains National Park

We were driving along a awful, bumpy road in the middle of no where Texas when I see large, dark mountains in the distance. I figure it’s our next destination, Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The mountains are covered in fog and rain, so they don’t look very inviting. At least we won’t be staying long, only a night or two.

  We get in the RV sites. There’s no hook-ups, only a parking lot. We get all settled in and it still doesn’t look very promising to me. Then we walked up to the Visitor Center to look into what hikes we wanted to do and get the Junior Ranger Book. We found the hike we wanted to do: McKittrick Canyon. The Ranger at the visitor center said that we would be able to see some pretty Fall leaves on the hike.
  What? Fall leaves in the Texas desert? I had always thought that Texas was a waste land full of yucca and tumbleweed. But once we started hiking we saw little pockets of color in the side of the mountains. And when we got further into the mountains the more color we saw.When we reached the end of the trail it looked like we were back in Pennsylvania!
  We went on another hike at Saturday  morning, before we left to to to New Mexico, and saw even more color. This unheard of National Park was quite amazing. I am surprised more people don’t come to enjoy the Fall season.
Note: this was our 99th Junior Ranger program.

Guadalupe National Park contains the tallest peaks in Texas. The first day we were there we hiked up though McKittirck canyon to a Pratt Cabin It was a stone cottage with a stone roof. The next day we went to Carlsbad Caverns. On the last day, before we left, we hiked to Devil’s Hall which was probably one of the best hikes I’ve ever done. It was a beautiful hike though a wash.

Marcus W.Perry


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