Great Falls Park

Great Fall National Park is located near Washington D.C.. In 1784 construction started on five canal systems to make the river passable. The project was supervised by George Washington. He believed that a trade route would bring the country together.

A lock looks a bit like this <===<. The water fills the lock (====<) and the door closes and the other door opens slowly and equalizes the water(<==== ). Matlidaville was built for canal workers.

The canal was used to haul flour, corn, whiskey, furs, tobacco iron ore, and timber.  In 1828 the C&O Canal system bought the canal.  They planned to expand it to Pittsburgh, but by 1850  financial problems and rivalry with the B&O Railroad caused it he project to be abandoned.  The C&O canal stayed in business until 1924 when the railroads took over.

We were able to stand on the Survey Stone were George Washington stood while overseeing the canal system construction.  The great falls, the falls that the canal went around, were amazing as well.

Written by Marcus W. Perry



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