The Parthenon

  Don’t let the title trick you; we didn’t actually go to Greece to visit the Parthenon. I wish we had, but I’m afraid the one we went to was made out of concrete and in the middle of Nashville, Tennessee.

The replica of the Parthenon was built for the Tennessee Centennial Fair. It, along with many other Greek buildings covered the park for the fair in the late 1800’s. They were all made out of wood and paper, so after 6 months they pretty much melted into the ground. In the 1920’s they rebuilt and restored the Parthenon. In the 1990’s Alan LeQuire’s Athena statue was moved into the inner room.

   You enter under the original door’s. After you pay at the front desk, you walk in to a couple rooms with the history of the Parthenon. Then you go into a art gallery. It is permanent, filled with paintings donated by James M. Cowan.
   After you walk through all that, you climb up a set of stairs, to the upper level and the statue of Athena. The statue is really something!! Her robe is gold covered and she is 42 feet tall! Nike, the goddess in her hand is 6′ tall. Everything about her has a meaning. The shield protecting the snake is to signify that Athena will protect Athens, the city names after her. On the side of the shield facing the snake there is a panting depicting the Gigantomachy (The battle between the Greek gods and giants).
  It was a marvelous place to stop on our way to Little Rock, Arkansas.

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