The Ark Encounter

The Ark encounter When you enter the park you can see it the distance. You then ride a bus to it. You enter the ark from under neath. You walk into an area with a maze of walkway though varying sized cages. The the bottom of the three floors discuses the animals they brought with them. The next floor contains an exhibit on the the pre flood world. there are exhibits on caring for the animals and a few more cages with signs that tell you about the animals. On the top floor is the living quarters and exhibits and the world after the flood. There is a moving exhibit on the spread of the Gospel all over the world. I’m so glad that I got to come here with my grandparents. This place was awesome. I would highly recommend going.

Marcus W. Perry


One Reply to “The Ark Encounter”

  1. Hello Perry family, hope you are all doing wonderful. We just wanted to say hello and that we plan on checking out  the Phoenix and surrounding areas in Jan. We hope that we can see you then.  Mel asked if you could text her at 570 677 7183, we promise that we will not pass your number on to anyone, thank you Tim & Mel


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