Toyota Factory Tour in Georgetown, Kentucky

We were in Kentucky, visiting the Ark and Creation Museum with our grandparents, so we stopped by the Toyota Plant in Georgetown, Kentucky. Dad was able to get us tickets for all of us to tour the factory.

We drove out and got there quite a bit early, so we had plenty of time to look at the displays in the lobby. After we had checked everything adequately, our guide lead us into a theater to watch a short video about Toyota and it’s factories. He talked to us for a couple minutes, then we walked to the trams that were to take us around the factory, for it was much to big to walk. When we were all in, the tour guide and tram conductor handed out our headsets that we listened to while we were on our tour.

Our first stop was stamping out the exterior of the car. The metal came in a huge roll. A crane would pick up a sheet and set it on a mold. Then it would go under a huge press and stamp it into the correct body shape for the car. Then we weaved in and out of work stations. At each our guide would explain what the worker’s were working on. We passed many stations, where they were each doing something different. Attaching the doors to the car, painting, installing the dashboard.

As we rode around, workers driving forklifts and golf carts delivered parts to many different stations. They only kept 10 transmissions or 10 dashboards at the station that put them in. So that meant that every 10 cars the station ran out of the parts they needed to put on. The car stayed at one station for 52 seconds. So about every 10 minutes they needed 10 more parts. So you had to be a very good diver to deliver parts. You would have to get the parts and get back within 10 minutes. And the factory wasn’t small. Inside the building their was multiple cafeterias, a gym, an optometrist, a couple stores, a doctor and other facilities for the workers.

All the cars made in the Georgetown plant are already ordered. All the cars that are made there already have a destination in mind. In case anyone wants to know, Ruby Pearl is the most popular Toyota color. It is a shiny red color.



One Reply to “Toyota Factory Tour in Georgetown, Kentucky”

  1. My corolla was made in the US. Is this the only us factory?thanks for the report I thought silver was the most popular there are so many silver cars here.


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