The Elms


The Elms was the summer retreat for coal magnate Edward and Herminie Berwind.

When you enter the house you come into foyer, then you continue the tour into the library. The library was a very red room. Next was the conservatory, it had plants and fountains. It had white marble walls. Next was a large great hall(living room) it was white washed and had a table in the center. I thought the color was bland.

Next was the ballroom. IT. WAS. MAGNIFICENT. A room that was   long 40 ft wide. Next we move on to the dining room the walls were covered with paintings of a roman general that the Berwinds thought they were descended from.

The next room was the breakfast room. It’s walls are covered in ancient Chinese art.

On the landing up stairs there was a large marble table. I don’t really remember the rooms up stairs but there were midevil tapestries. The Elms was my favorite house. I am all ready to move in.

M W Perry


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