Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Back in June, after we visited Golden Spike, we went to Timpanogos Cave.

We had tickets for the 10 o’clock tour, so they suggested we started hiking up to the cave by 9:15. We started up the mountain a little after the suggested time, and got up to the top a little early, so we went on a earlier tour. As soon as we stepped into the cave, it got cool. I tugged on a sweatshirt and we continued.

The first room we saw was a small room with fairy tale like pools of water and cave popcorn hanging from the ceiling. Our ranger talked about the formations we were seeing, then progressed on. After we squeezed through a couple tight tunnels and ducked under a few low arches we reached a large, grand room. After we had a good look around, our ranger turned off all the lights to demonstrate the darkness of the cave. It was complete darkness. The most darkness you’ll ever see.

Can you imagine the first cave explorers wander through the total darkness with only a dim flashlight for light? What if your light went out?

We next had to go through at man-made tunnel that connected the three caves. We walked through the next passage way and wandered around the caves. The sun hurt our eyes when we stepped out. After we ajusted to the brightness we hiked back down the mountain. It was a fun trip and I would do it again.



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