Scotts Bluff National Monument in Nebraska

The bluff on one side of Mitchell Pass that the Native Americans went through to get to the river is now called Scott’s Bluff.

In later years fur traders discovered the pass going east on their way home from the Pacific. In the 1820’s the bluff was a familiar sight to fur traders going west to the Rockies

It was named after Hiram Scott who died there around 1828. He was a clerk for the Rocky Mountain Fur Company.

In the 1850s, during the peak of the gold rush, travelers would continue through the pass because it was eight miles shorter and a lot easier. From 1841-1869 travelers on the Oregon trail used Scott’s Bluff as a welcoming landmark.

After 1869 when the Continental railway was completed, the trail fell into disuse

We hiked to the North and South Overlooks. From the North Overlook you could see the Rockies and from the South you could see the great Chimney rock. We completed our 88th Junior Ranger program. Scott’s Bluff was an amazing work of geography.

Marcus W. Perry


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  1. Hello Perry’s We have been enjoying your posts and hope to see you this year. Let us know when you are in Pa Harris family


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