Our Trip to the Phoenix International Raceway

Back in March while we were still in Arizona we had the chance to attend a NASCAR race at the Phoenix International Speedway.  It really reminded me of going to races with my dad.  Here’s what Marcus thought of it.

Cars zipping around at 200 miles per hour.

We pulled in to the dirt and grass lot of the Phoenix raceway. You could see the giant stadium in the distance. We walked a half a mile though what seemed like millions of vehicles. Once the race started it was amazingly hot and loud and the bleachers where startlingly uncomfortable. On the plus side it was awesome. Super fast cars going round and round and round. When they had a pit stop the crew would move almost as fast as the cars and change the tires and and fuel them up. In the middle of the oval path was a city of trucks and tents and even a few stands. The road to get there went under the track. (we didn’t go there but hear there is even a restaurant “Over-There”). I had a great time, but the race was slightly boring because there were no accidents.


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