Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

There it was the 352 foot granite column topped by an 11 ton bronze urn….

We took the ferry to an island in Lake Erie, then after a two-mile bus ride we arrived at Put-In-Bay. We had fish and lobster bisque for lunch. Then we went to Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, which really is a mouthful. Anyway like I said in the beginning it is a 352 foot granite column topped by an 11 ton bronze urn.

This monument was created after the sea battle, sorry lake Battle of Lake Erie.   There the British and the US fought during the War of 1812.  Commander Oliver Hazard Perry had a plan, each of his vessels would  match one of his enemies.  But you see the British had long guns. 18 pound guns that could shoot far.  On the other hand Perry had with 38 pounders that could only shoot half the distance. Though one of Perry’s ships the Niagara had long guns.

Okay so Perry starts to tack up wind, but he can’t make it anywhere. He is about to give up when the wind turns to his back, perfect conditions.  He starts to advance.  He comes in range of the long guns. The first shot is fired and misses.  But there is a problem, Niagara is not advancing with him so he can not make use his guns.  The Lawrence is being destroyed.  So he boards a small ship and rows to the Niagara.  The Niagara advances, now her long guns kill all the senior British officers.  The young British officers try to maneuver to use the guns on the other side of their boats, but get all tangled up. The Lawrence swoops in and blasts them.  The day is won, Erie is conquered.

We climbed a few fights of stairs and then took an elevator to the top of the memorial.  It was a great view. After completing our 92nd junior ranger program with the help of Ranger Mike we headed back to the ferry. Perry’ Victory was a giant and beautiful monument.

Marcus W. Perry


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