Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

Herbert Hoover was one president I had never learned much about. I knew that the Hoover Dam was named after him, but that is it. I learned so much more about him when we went to Hover National Historic Site in West Branch, Iowa.
On the day  that we visited, it was quite hot outside, so we were happy to get into the cool Visitor Center. We acquired the Junior Ranger Books then went into the museum. Before we went back outside, we watched a video about Hoover’s life. Did you know that he had lost both of his parents by age 11?
We went outside to visit the cottage he was born in, his father’s blacksmith shop and the schoolhouse were he went to school.  He only lived in West Branch until he was 11. Then Hoover was sent to live with his Aunt and Uncle in Oregon.  The last place we visited was Herbert and his wife, Lou’s graves. Then went went back to the Visitor Center and turned in our 90th Junior Ranger. I am glad we stopped at the is National Park.





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