Lassen Volcanic National Park

Snow, snow, snow! Their was plenty of this white, bright, wonderful stuff at Lassen Volcanic National Park. As we drove into the park, towards the Visitor Center, it was piled up by the sides of the road, taller than the car. We arrived at the Visitor Center shortly there after. We walked up the pathway to the Center and went to the front desk. We obtained the Junior Ranger program, the went outside, to hike up the road to see the hot springs. We climbed for about twenty minutes. We stopped then and watched the mud bubble and pop. It was boiling and it smelled rotten. Down the hill was quick, (because who doesn’t love going down hills fast?).  We completed out Ranger programs and turned them in. Then we went outside and played in the snow. We played in the drifts. We climbed up on a 30ft hill of snow. We got cold, wet and icy. But it was worth every minute. We had a bunch of fun, but we were glad to get into the warm car. We drove out of the park and returned to warmer temperatures.



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