Crater Lake National Park

We went to Crater Lake with our RVHS (RV Homeschoolers) group. We accomplished the junior ranger and had a snowball fight, kids verses dads. We traveled up the ancient volcano, Mount Mazama, that had collapsed to create Crater Lake. Mount Mazama was a composite volcano, which means that it created layer after layer, small eruption after small eruption. Anyway, it was one of the biggest mountains in the area, like Mt. Everest tall. Then all at once, there was an enormous eruption. It spewed for about 48 hours then because of the magma chamber emptied, and because of all the pressure, it just collapsed. Then it filled up with water. Because it is so isolated it is the it is the cleanest water in the US it is also the deepest lake. It was an awesome experience.

M.W. Perry


One Reply to “Crater Lake National Park”

  1. Looks cold so I will probably never see it as I am a warm weather traveler. But it looks beautiful in the pics thanks for sharing.


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