Oregon Coast Aquarium

We visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium with friends. We went in and the person at the desk said that we should start with the sea otters, so thats where we went. They were very playful, twirling and diving around in their tank. We watched them for a while then went on to see the harbor seals and the sea lions. They swam on their back, straight towards the window. Then they would doge out of the way, just in time. We moved on to the octopus cave. The octopus was wedged back in a corner of his tank. Did you know that the female octopus will lay about 80,000 eggs? But only about 2 will live until adulthood! After we finished admiring the octopus, we moved outside, to see the sea otter feeding. As soon as the feeding started, it started raining!  We walked over to the Passage of the Deep. There were three underwater tunnels that we, and we  walked through all of them. It felt like you actually felt like you were swimming with the fish! The last tunnel went through a tank full of sharks. It was amazing to watch them! We next learned all about the fish that live near the shores. In the room next to that, there was a touch tank. I loved that! I touched sea anomie, muscles, and sea cucumbers. The next room had jellyfish. They were really cool, floating and then puling in.  After we finished watching their tank, we saw giant crabs. The last thing we saw were eels. Eels are not my favorite, but these were pretty cool, poking their heads out of pipes and rocks. sew finished in a room that looked like a ship wreck. I hadn’t been to an aquarium for a while, so I really enjoyed it.



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  1. Hi Cali and family, We are camping with two of my grandsons in Waldport and we visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium on Friday. I hope that you are having a great time on the coast. We live in Eugene so we can come over to the coast whenever we like to. Have you been to the Hatfield Marine Science Center. The displays aren’t as nice but there is a lot of exhibits to learn interesting things there. Best of all if I remember it is free. They do accept donations. You all have fun, Rick and Jennifer, Kaden and Laythen.


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