California Gold Rush

We are in Coloma, California at the moment, the place where the California Gold Rush started. A couple days ago we went the state park to visit the place where they first found gold. We started at Sutter’s Mill.  Here, on January 24, 1848 is where James Marshall first found gold. It was while he was help John A. Sutter build his mill.  While he was working he looked down and found shiny flecks in the water. He picked up a couple and showed them to Sutter. They did a couple test on them and found it was gold. They decided to keep it a secret. They had a lumber mill to build, and the prospectors would just get in the way. But, secrets like that don’t stay secret for long. One man, named Sam Brannan, made a fortune out of the gold rush, but never actually was a prospector. Before he told anyone about the gold, he bought all of the picks, pans, and shovels in San Francisco and for miles around the city. Then he ran around the stree yelling “Gold! Gold has been found in California!”. Then the price of picks went from 50 cents to 12 dollars. Everybody want a chance at a fortune.



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