Volunteering at Usery Mountain Regional Park

Over the past couple months, Marcus and I have been volunteering at Usery Mountain Park. We have been helping out Mark and Lynn, our fellow winter hosts, with all their programs. My favorites have been the children programs. I love helping Mark and Lynn teach the kids and help them learn about the desert. I also like teaching some adults to. My favorite thing to teach about is the owl, especially Great Horned owl. We have done several different programs, and my favorite programs are New to Arizona, Little Desert Explorers and Kids v.s. Wild/Survivor Kid. I also really like Story time in the Desert.  Overall, it has been a great winter.


Volunteering with Mark and Lynn at Usery, in my opinion, was a great experience. We learned how to how give presentations to adults and children alike, speaking about plants, animals and the desert. First we had to learn all about the desert, though on all of our hikes we learn something new from either Mark and Lynn or the crowd. My favorite programs were the ones that we hike, like Three Mile Thursday and Wind Cave Hike. One time when grandma and grandpa visiting were we went out to eat. One of the people that was at the restaurant recognized me. At the children’s programs, we would go on either a hike and teach about plants and animals or read a story and play a game. For the adult programs we would put out desert conversation items and then go on a short walk. Cali, Mark and I made a Power Point presentation about the park with 64 slides, trivia questions and all. We had a great time this year and are ready for a great next year.

M. W. Perry



2 Replies to “Volunteering at Usery Mountain Regional Park”

  1. I’m so glad you two were able to work with Mark and Lynn. Miranda had such a great season working with them a few years ago, too.


  2. You both did a nice job writting these blogs. We certainly enjoyed our time at Usery Mtn. Regional Park & are happy that we met Lynn & Mark and all the rest of your friends that volunteer there. Love, Gram


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