Renaissance Fair

We went to the Renaissance Fair with Grandma and Grandpa. A man at the entrance was yelling stuff as we passed under the archway as we went in. Cali had her Halloween costume on and so did I. The first show we went to was about falconry. They had owls and other birds of prey flying back and forth. Then on the same stage we saw a man with a whip. He was cracking it back and forth, doing some amazing stunts. Then we went to the jousting tournament. After we went to see a hypnotist. Our last show was the mud men. It was a show where two men crawl though mud for the entertainment of the crowd. We had a great time at the Renaissance Fair.

Marcus W. Perry


One Reply to “Renaissance Fair”

  1. Your blog about the Renaissance Fair brought back all the memories of that day. It was a great day and we are happy we were with you to experience it. Love Ya! ❤️❤️ Gram


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