Wild for Wildflowers

Do you like wildflowers? I do. Especially the desert wildflowers? All those vibrant colors, on so many different plants. Some are so tiny that you can hardly see them and blend in really well with there surroundings. Then others are bright colors, like pink, red and orange. And they are huge. Maybe not the huge your thinking of when I say that, but huge compared to all of the others.

One of my favorite is the ocotillo flower. It is perched on top of an ocotillo plant. They are shaped like bells, and are bright orange. You can see them over the tops of all the other plants.

Another one of my favorite wildflowers are the Globemallow. The otherwise unrecognizable, when they go into bloom, they are truly is beautiful. They come in all different colors, pink, purple, orange, red and white. But beware. Don’t be fooled by their colors. They have tiny hairs on their stems. If the little hairs get in your eyes, it will hurt.

The saguaro flower only blooms at night, but if you are able to see one you will understand why they are the state flower of Arizona. They are about the size of a dinner plate and are on the top of the arms of the saguaro. They are pollinated by the 5 B’s: butterflies, breeze, bats, bugs, and of course the bees.

Another cactus that blooms is the Hedgehog cactus. They have big pink flower that are low to the ground. The Chain Fruit cholla has lime green flowers that are buried in all the spikes.



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