The Dumas


They arrived late afternoon on the 18 of February. It was almost dark when they pulled up in there bright yellow Jeep (that’s how you know it’s them). Of course before we did anything else we had to do our secret handshake, but then we hung for what was left of the day. I’m only going to tell you the most important details of their visit, because if I didn’t it would take me hours to write this and you hours to read it.


Soon it would be Lillian’s birthday( it’s on the 27 of February). So her mom, Miss Bianca, my mother and I had made secret plans. We were taking her to the Toby Mac concert at the Talking Stick Arena in Phoenix. Miss Bianca told Lillian on the morning of the concert, February 26. She was more than surprised. That night we took the train downtown. We had a perfect spot. A little off to the left of the stage and up really high up, but not high enough for the performers to be blurry. The were several different singers: Hollyn, Building 429, Capitol Kings, Colton Dixon, Finding Favour, Britt Nicole, and of course Toby Mac himself. They did songs that we knew, new songs, and ones we had never heard.

The concert went on for five hours, till midnight. It was amazing. The songs, the speeches, lighting, everything. On our way home got some milkshakes for the train. We didn’t get home until 1o’clock in the morning. And that was just the beginning of our adventures.

On Lillian’s birthday, we went over to her house and had Carne Asada, a mexican dish, for dinner. We ate cake and opened presents.

Over the next couple weeks we went to Goodwill. And of course, when you go to Goodwill you have to try on shoes and hats and clothes. We had a couple sleep overs, also.


We also tried to make taffy (we really tried). Before we started we decided we would make it with maple syrup instead of corn syrup. So we got started. It was going really good… until we started stretching it. It started to crumble. It was like sand. We each tried a piece. I tasted really good! We thought it was a really happy mistake. Wrong. After of couple pieces, I started to get a stomach ache. Next time we are definitely using corn syrup.

Another fun thing we did was hike Massacre Grounds with Cole, Jonah, Erin, Chad, and Pat. I’m not exactly sure what went down there. I do know that men were killed by Native Americans. Some say that the men were push off the cliff, some say that the men were shot then pushed off the cliff.   It was a really great hike.


One night when Lil was going to sleepover, we were just sitting the truck, talking. Lil’s hair was tucked behind her shoulder, so that it looked short. It was totally adorable. And I told her so. Later, at dinner, I told my mom and Lil showed her. The day before my cousin had gotten her hair cut and it looked really cute. My mom suggested we do the same thing. At first it was just an idea, but soon we were wondering what we would look like with short hair. We found a website that would let us do just that. We stated to really think about it. Before, I had never really considered it. But now, with Lillian to help me get through it, it was a really possibility. We would have to do it soon because they would leave in 3 days. So we had to decide quickly. We went for it. So 20 minutes and 8 inches later we had short hair. It was a scary, crazy quick decision, but we both loved our hair in the end.

As you can see we did a bunch of fun and crazy things while we were together. But that’s part of being best friends. They are with you through thick and thin. The fun things and the scary things. It was hard to say goodbye, but we will meet again soon and until then we can keep in touch by emails and talking on the phone. And just in case your wondering, Marcus and Gordon had a lot of fun together, too. It was a fantastic visit.



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  1. Oh Dolly! I love your blog & your hair looks adorable & awesome! I hope it doesn’t grow too much before I get to see it in person. Love, Gram


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