A Crowned Saguaro and Wild Horses

While Gram and Eddie were here visiting we decided to take a drive to see a crested or crowned saguaro and some wild horses.  Seeing a crowned saguaro is a rare and amazing sight, so when we found out that there was one very near to the park we are staying at, we got directions to go see it. It’s down Usery Pass Rd, past Usery Mountain Regional Park, at mile marker 25. There is a small pull-off so you can park and get a closer look.

Crowning (also called fasciation) only happens to about 1 out of every 150,000 saguaros. Many different people have studied the crowning process of a saguaro, but nobody is really sure why it happens.



We drove on to the Butcher Jones Recreational Site. We walked around and noticed  groups of wild horses. Why are the wild horses at Butcher Jones Recreational Site? Well we really don’t know.  But when we where there, there were two herds and they had nothing to do with each other.  There was a lake there and  Cali took a dip even though it was chilly.  Grandpa and I even saw two horses fight.  It was neat to see the horses.

Marcus W. Perry


One Reply to “A Crowned Saguaro and Wild Horses”

  1. I don’t think I have ever seen a crowned saguaro and wild horses are always cool much different than our outer Banks wild horses.


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