Hiking to Weavers Needle

     If you want to go on a fun, but challenging hike, try the Peralta
Trail to Weavers Needles. One of our friends, Mr. Polosky, told us about
it. We left our campground at about 8 o'clock, and met Mr. Polosky at nine. 
The sign said that it was a four mile hike so it took us about three hours.  
     Weavers Needle is an 1,000 foot tall mass of rock in the 
Superstition Mountains. Formed from volcanic ash millions of years ago, 
it stands out on the rocky, desert terrain of Arizona. Weavers Needle
played an important role in the search for the Lost Dutchman Gold 
Mine. For those of you who don't know what the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine
is, it's a popular belief in Arizona that a man named Jacob Waltz, a 
German immigrant, hid a bunch of gold in the Superstition Mountains. 
    When we hiked to see Weavers Needle, we also saw Geronimo's cave. 
Geronimo was a famous Apache leader. His cave was a little off the trail
and to the left. We didn't actually go into the cave, but it was in a 
good location. Geronimo would have been able to see anyone coming.
     We brought a couple snacks and stayed at the top for a bit, enjoying
the view. Marcus and I were in the lead on the way down so we had to wait at 
the bottom for everyone else. We drove home feeling tired, but happy that we 
had reached the top.



One Reply to “Hiking to Weavers Needle”

  1. Nice article Cali. We always like to read about your adventures. Enjoyed your pictures too.
    Steve ‘n Yvonne, Kamloops, BC


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