Our First Time Snowboarding and Skiing

This past week  Cali tried snowboarding and Marcus chose skiing.  We have been volunteering in Arizona for the past couple months and Grammy Red gave the kids gift cards to go to  Arizona Snowbowl for Christmas.  We took a few days off to head to Flagstaff.  Marc and I both skied when we were in high school.  After we met in college, we took a ski trip together.  It was so cold and icy it discouraged us from skiing for almost 25 years.  Well, I guess that is going to change.

Mom-Cali what did you think about snow boarding?

Cali-It was awesome!

Mom-What was the best part?

Cali-Going down the mountain.

Mom-What was the hardest part?

Cali-All of it was hard.

Mom-Did you get cold?


Mom-Do you want to go again?


Mom-Were you nervous about going skiing?

Marcus-Yes, very.

Mom-What made you more confident?

Marcus-I had a great instructor and once I learned it was easy.

Mom-What was you favorite part?

Marcus-Going down the slopes really fast.

Mom-Did you get cold?

Marcus-No, sometimes I was really hot.

Mom-Do you want to go again?

Marcus- Definitely!



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