Sunset Canyon National Monument

Sunset Crater National Monument is nearby Wapatki National Monument. We visited
them on the same day. The crater didn't seem that larger and it wasn't very old. 
It's the most recent volcanic activity in the Flagstaff area, actually. Before 
we went to Sunset Crater, we went to the visitor center. Marcus and got our 
Junior Ranger programs.For the Junior Ranger Program, we had the choice, either 
interview a ranger, or draw a poster. I chose to draw a poster. Mine 
said: "Nobody needs a pet rock, so please leave them here." The rangers 
liked it so much they put it on the board outside the visitor center. While
we were driving around the park, we saw snow, actual real snow! You 
were not allowed to walk up the crater, but we viewed it from a 
distance. I am pleased we got to go to Sunset Crater National Park. It 
was the 76th Junior Ranger/ National Park we had ever been to!

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