Meteor Crater

What is so spectacular about meteor crater? Isn’t it just a huge hole in the ground? Yes, but it isn’t just any hole in the ground. About 50,000 years ago a meteor made of iron and nickel, 150 feet across, hurling at 26,000 mph came from the northeast. When it hit it exploded in a 20 megaton explosion. A megaton is the equal to a ton of TNT.

Thousands of years later a military group came by and explored the area and discovered the crater. Then a man thought that there was a meteor still under it, but of course he was wrong because the meteor shattered on impact.

In the museum we ran simulations where we shot meteors at the earth. Meteors are very dense. One about the size of your fist would weigh about 10 lbs. On the tour we learn that they trained astronauts here. We learned a lot a meteor crater.

Written by Marcus W. Perry


2 Replies to “Meteor Crater”

  1. Thanks, Marcus, for sharing what you learned at Meteor Crater. I really liked how you opened with a question to get my attention!


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