Wupatki National Monument

Wupatki National Monument is in interesting place to stop if you are near
Flagstaff, Arizona. The ruins in the park are amazing. The biggest 
building in the are is about 100 rooms! Is like an ancient skyscraper! 
Different people lived in the Wupatki Pueblo over the years, but none of
them stayed long. For the first 400 years, farmers lived in them. The 
land might not look like it, but it is perfect for farming because of 
the ash in the soil from nearby Sunset Crater Volcano. Over the next 
couple hundred years, more people kept coming. By 1180 thousands of 
people were farming in the Wupatki area. By 1250, when the volcano had 
quieted, the people were gone. It could have been sickness or sadness or
 the sense that it was time to move on, but people left. They left 
behind many different clues, like pottery shards and shells, to cordage 
and grinding stones. When we were there we toured the ruins and looked 
at all the artifacts they collected over the years.  I know you can't 
travel in time (maybe someday, but not yet) , but when I visit places 
like this, I feel like I have. 
Written by Cali


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