Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site

We stopped and saw Hubbell Trading Post National Monument on our way home from 
Canyon De Chelly. The Hubbell trading was founded by John Lorenzo Hubbell in 
1876. He and his wife had his four children, Adela, Barbara, John 
Lorenzo Jr., and Roman. The Native Americans used to go there to trade 
their rugs and pottery for flour and coffee. The trading post is still 
in use and they still sell goods in the store. It was a main route for 
many travelers and pioneers. After we arrived we went into the visitor 
center. Marc and I got their Junior Ranger books and completed them. We 
went into the trading post. The worker welcomed us and we looked around.
The carpets were amazing, but very, very expensive.  We tried to do some weaving
ourselves. Then we looked around the grounds. A lot of the houses were occupied.  
They had some cool sheep out back that had really long hair. It was a great 
place to stop.

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