Canyon de Chelly National Monument

At Canyon de Chelly (pronounced de shay)  we did the most famous hike to the White House.  It was a cliff dwelling  that had a tall building under it.  It was a really cool hike down through some rock tunnels.  Ancient Puebloans built these houses out of stone. They lived in the canyon for protection.  There was fertile soil for farming and a river for water.

Then we went to some over looks where we saw some more cliff dwellings. We drove to Spider Rock Overlook.  Spider Rock is an 800 foot spire that is made of sandstone. It is pretty cool.

We did the  junior ranger activities.  We learned about hogans, which are 5, 6, or 8 sided houses made of wood and earth or stone.  This is a park that my mom had always wanted to visit.

Written by MWP




2 Replies to “Canyon de Chelly National Monument”

  1. Ancient pueblos are amazing they live in beautiful places Thank-you for sharing. I will probably still say it wrong but thanks for the phonics.


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