Petrified National Forest

Petrified National Forest has no trees, unless you count the ones laying on the ground made of of stone.  You may be thinking how can they be trees if there made of stone?  Well here’s how: it is a jungle and a tree falls into a river (maybe squishing some dinosaurs along the way.).  The tree floats down steam into a swamp where it gets covered with silt. Then and oxygen cannot get in and minerals get absorbed into the wood turning it to stone.
It was very windy at Petrified National Forest, which is connected with Painted Desert National Park, with gusts up to 50 miles an hour so we didn’t get to walk a lot.  We went to two different visitor centers.  One was a museum and it was very interesting.  Then we went to the painted desert inn and saw the petroglyh that looks like the Usery mountain mountain lion.  It was huge.  It was one of my favorites. I  wish it hadn’t been so windy so we could have explored more.

Written by Marcus


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