Petroglyphs National Monument

Earlier this month we went to Petroglyph National Park. I was one 
of the first places we went to in New Mexico. We parked our camper in 
the Visitor Center parking lot. Dad and I went in to the Visitor Center 
to get some information about the park and get Marc and Junior 
Ranger books. Then we drove down to the parking lot for the small hike we
wanted to do. We got out and started up the hill. Along the way we saw a
lot of petroglyphs. About 90% of them had been made between 1300 and 1600 
by the native people of this area. We saw ones of crazy men without heads 
and ones of lizards curled up like puppy dogs. We saw ones with swirls and 
ones of odd looking birds. From the top of the hill you could see most of the 
park. We continued on to our next stop. There we did a really short hike
that took you to a petroglyph that looked like a whisk. Marc thought it looked 
like an oar. We walked on for a little while and saw more petroglyphs. 
Then we headed back to the Visitor Center to get the camper and Cloe. 
Marc and I turned in our Junior Ranger books and received our badges. We
had a couple more hours before we reached our destination so we moved 
on. Petroglyph National park was a great place to stop on our way 
across New Mexico. 
Written by Cali

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