The Place Where Laura Ingalls Wilder Wrote Her Books

On our way across we stopped at Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic site in Mansfield MO. When Laura first moved to Mansfield, her and Almanzo’s daughter was seven. Her name was Rose. The first house they had when they moved to Mansfield was a little one room log cabin. A short while later Almanzo built them a bigger house. It was a one room house with an attic for Rose. They drug the kitchen from their other house to the side of their new house and then attached it there. Over the next eighteen year Almanzo and Laura added rooms until there was ten rooms, four upstairs and six downstairs, including a music room and a library. Once Rose grew up, she left and went to San Fransisco. She became a famous writer in San Fransisco. After a couple years she got married and then divorced. Then she decided to tour the world. After Rose was done touring the world she had a stone house built for her parents. This is where Laura wrote her first four books.  We couldn’t take pictures inside, so mom took a picture of me in front of the window where she wrote. They lived in the stone house and Rose stayed in their old house. After a couple years Rose left to travel. Whenever Laura and Almanzo went to town they had to pass their old house. They thought it looked lonely. Soon they moved back to that house. While we were there we toured both houses and watched a video about Laura’s family. I am happy we got to go to Laura’s house in Mansfield MO.  We stayed at Laura Ingalls Wilder RV Park and used out Passport America discount.  The are building a new museum and visitor center across from the campground.  Maybe we will have to visit again.

Written by Cali


One Reply to “The Place Where Laura Ingalls Wilder Wrote Her Books”

  1. Cali, I feel certain you will want to visit here again when they build a new museum & visitor center. I love the pictures of you there. Gram


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