The Harley Davidson Factory

One day when we were staying in York, Pennsylvania, the Harley-Davidson factory was having an open house. It was only about 20 minutes from the campground; so we decided to go.


My dad signed up to test drive some motorcycles. We got a cinnamon pretzel while he was gone and it was devoured in a minute. We picked up a free Harley-Davidson work-book; that had some pretty cool cycles in the book. Then we got to watch a show where they zoom around in a sphere and it was awesome!

At the Harley Factory there were big trailers with motor cycles stacked in them. Although there were more on the ground to look at and ride. My favorite was a new red and white marble Cruiser. Cali’s favorite was a olive green Soft Tail.


We decided to go on the the tour. On the tour we found out how to read the build instuctions. They told where each bike was going and all the features of it. Mom found a turquoise Street Glide that looked one of a kind. In the gift shop I found a really cool shirt, but it was too small. Next to the gift shop was a place were you could sit on mounted bikes, I was all over that.

Then dad went on one last ride and the open house was closing, so we headed back to the car. My favorite part was sitting on the bikes. I have decided that I want a bike of my own.

Written by Marcus W. Perry


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