Valley Forge National Park

We went to Valley Forge with our grandparents while they were with us in Lancaster. We drove about an hour and arrived around 12 o’clock. We went in the visitor center to get our Junior Ranger books and look around the museum. We went to the movie next. It gave us information about the winter during the Revolutionary War,that the American army spent there. It was the winter of 1777 to 1778. They called that winter the Winter of Red Snow. Washington’s troops poorly fed, ill equipped, weary from long marches, staggered into Valley Forge. Only one in three of them had shoes. They began to build huts to move into before winter settled in. In the end they had about 2,000 huts. After we finished watching the movie we went to the car to go and drive around to see all the sights. We had driven only a little way when we reached the first stop. We got out and went to the replica of the huts. They had about five that you could go in. They we cramped and were not built to stand a long, long Pennsylvanian winter. We moved on. There were many statues inside the park, honoring many different men who fought bravely in the Revolutionary war. We stopped at a couple more pull offs on our way around the loop. One of our last stops was Washington’s headquarters. They had built a train station there in the 1911. They used it as the visitor center until 1960. The actual house that he used was owned by Isaac Potts. He had rented it to his Aunt Deborah right before Washington came in the winter. It was sublet from her. Washington rented the house for the winter for 100 pounds a month. We toured the house. While it was Washington’s headquarters, twenty-five people lived in the house. We continued on, until we reached the visitor center. There we were sworn in as  Junior Rangers. I am glad that we got to stop a Valley Forge with Grammy and Grandpa.

Written by Cali


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