The Biblical Tabernacle

In our study of world history we learned about the Tabernacle.  Grammy Carol and Grandpa Eddie have been leaning about it in their Bible study as well, so we decided to visit the reproduction while we were in Lancaster.  At the Biblical Tabernacle Reproduction we took a tour of the Tabernacle. It was pretty cool inside.

The guide described what we saw. The tabernacle is comprised of three parts; the courtyard, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. They are all in closed by a wall of 100 cubits by 50 cubits. The gate always pointed east with Moses and his family in front of the gate with the Levites on the sides, the twelve tribes were behind it. 

The first thing inside the courtyard is the brazen alter, then next is the wash basin. Inside the Holy Place there is the lamp stand, table of bread and an incense alter.  Then there is the Holy of Holies where the ark of the covenant is located. Inside the ark of the covenant is Aaron’s staff that blossomed, a bowl of manna and the ten commandments.

I thought seeing this reproduction gave me a good idea of the size of the original described in the Bible.  I am glad we had this opportunity to see it.

Written by Marcus


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