Martin Guitar


About 2 weeks ago we went to the Martin Guitar Factory in Nazareth, PA. We went there to go on the tour and learn about guitars. When we arrived we got our ticket to go on the tour and while we waited we walked around in the muesam. It told about the history of guitars. My favorite display was about Martins millionth guitar. Soon it was time for the tour.

First they cut out the fronts and the backs with a laser cutters. Then they press them to make them flat on the machine that kind of looks like a Ferris Wheel.



Then the cut out the sides and bend them in to the shape they want using heat.


Then they brace the front and back using a technique that they came up with.  They glue the front and back pieces to the sides next.

In a different department they have assembled the necks and attached the fret boards.

Next they put the necks on the body and send it through a glosser. The polish it about three times and then it goes to the testing room.  You have to be able to play guitar to work in the testing room.  After they are tested they are ready to be shipped.

After the tour you could try out some of their guitars and other products. I am glad we got to go to Martin Guitar Factory.

Written by Cali

3 Replies to “Martin Guitar”

  1. Cali, This place looks very interesting! Grandpa told Dick about it. He would like to go there. Maybe sometime we can take him. Love Ya! Gram


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