Trenton, New Jersey

We visited the New Jersey State capital. I know your probably thinking: What! I thought you went to all the state capitals! We did. We went to the New Jersey state capital when Marc and I were five. It was our first state capital. Mom and Dad only got a couple of pictures so we went back. We left our camper (which was parked at the Sands Casino) at 9:40. We were going to go on the 11:00 tour but we were too late, so we waited to go on the 12:00 tour. While we waited a family came along, also going on the tour. Mom started talking to them, and come to find out they were also full-timers and they were trying to visit all fifty state capitals too. Our tour guide had visited all fifty state capitals, so we talked about which one were the grandest and which ones were our favorites. While we were talking, the New Jersey state Governor walked by, Chris Christie.

We started the tour. First we went to the Senate and Assembly. We went to the Senate first. Our tour guide talked for a little bit and then another tour group came in so we left and went to a little room behind the Senate, where most people can’t go. We went to the Assembly next. She told us about the chandelier in the middle of the room. Thomas Edison made it for the state house. Nobody knows for sure what it means but it was very pretty.

We moved on the Governors Office. While we were in there, Chris Christie came by and said ” Hello, do have any questions? I am headed to lunch but I could answer a couple of questions.” One of the guys on the tour asked ” Where are you going for lunch?” He replied ” Well actually I am going to Pennsylvania to eat.” Then he gave us the directions to the restaurant. He shook our hands and then headed for the door. When he left the tour guide finished telling us about the governor’s office, then we left. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go back, but I am glad we did.


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