Antique Car Parade

This year we were in Tunkhannock while the Tunkhannock carnival was going on. Every year there is a antique car parade. It is called the John and Bill Stroka Antique Car Parade. It is named after my Grandpa William and Great-Great Uncle John. They both helped with the parade in the past. Our Uncle Bill and Aunt Krysta came up to drive my Grandpa Williams Model A in the parade. Uncle Bill and Dad got the car ready. We drove it down and got there a little early. We went and looked the other cars while we waited. Soon it was time to go. We went first. Our cousin Megan rode with us. They let the tractors go before the cars so we were way ahead. On our way around the loop we stopped and talked to several people. We were around before the last car had started, so we got to watch the end of the parade. When I asked Marcus what he though of the parade he said ” It was neat to ride in an old car my grandfather owned. I wish I gotten to meet him.” When we went home we had pizza and a fire. It was a great way to end a fantastic day.

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